Official Company Information
Senior Care Business Type
Important Info for Blog Posting
In the SCOPE program, we blog post for you 2x per month. We need to be able to log in as ADMINS or EDITORS to the back end of your website. This is how we add your blog posts. You may need to reach out to your web developer if you do not know the answers to these questions.
Your Website/Logo
Current Website Login Info
Your website address and the place where we login to the website are usually 2 different URLs.
Your Location
This is for SEO Purposes. This town might be where your office is located. OR it might be the town next door. We need to know what town you MUST, above all others, show up on the first page of Google for. We can help with other towns to, but we need a starting point.
Next, list your top 9 OTHER TOWNS that are important to you. We need to get a sense of the most important areas local to you. Humans search for services by town name, not county name, so help us by providing - IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE- your 9 other towns.
We need the links to the following social media accounts. Linkedin can be a personal account or a company page. Facebook must be your FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE, not your personal account.
Face of The Company
The "Face" of the company is usually an owner or marketer. This is the person who will bee the "author" of all blog posts. It's always better to attribute your content to a real person, rather than "staff".
Final Requests/Details

Tell us more about this project. You have probably discussed a LOT with our team. What are the most important pieces of information from that conversation that you would like to pass on to our marketing team? This includes your wish list, your time frame for completion, any other issues or challenges that we may not be aware of. Spill the tea here.

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